A consultation will give you the freedom to design your own container. You just need to provide the details on what you would like, which can include a list of requirements, sketches, images and ideas. We will then work with you and provide floor plans, drawings and quotes. The consultation price comes off the final quote price.





We will start with an initial design phase this involves communication and brain storming with ideas and requirements for your project e.g. purpose, sizes, 2 bedrooms, large bathroom, doors and windows.



Now your design is passed on for engineering 2D floor plans. These drawings consist of dimensions and crucial data for your build.



You will then have an Architect/3D designer to make unlimited changes until you are fully satisfied with your design . The detail of these 3D models is incredible, even showing your appliances, colours, floor texture, walls and external wall cladding.



We also send a customised PDF document of all the information of your container such as an overview, images (including illustrated parts breakdown), materials, textures, appliances and colours.



Your next stage is receiving a quote on your design, ready for the initial building phase.

Alternatively you can select one of our designs and order today

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